Don’t be a slave of your mind, try quitting smoking now!

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that for the maximum number of tobacco users, controlling their craving or urges for smoking are one of the most challenging things to do. On the off chance, if you also fall into the category of these individuals always keep in your head, you are not a slave! Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, no matter how intense it is, it will pass within 10 to 15 minutes.

Each time, whenever you cease your craving, you are one step closer to completely getting rid of smoking.

Here, we have mentioned some ways to cease or resist the cravings or urges of smoking tobacco.

  1. Try to avoid triggers:

When you become Addicted to Smoking, the urges for smoking are likely to be the strongest, especially in situations like parties or bars, or when feeling stressed or sipping coffee. Try discovering your trigger situations and build a full-proof plan to avoid your cravings completely or pass that phase without using tobacco. For instance, if you generally smoke while talking on the phone, reading the newspaper, post taking a meal, and so on, keep a pen or a paper closer to you so that at the time of feeling urges, rather than smoking you can doodle with them.

  1. Try to delay:

    How to Stop Smoking Naturally
                                  How to Stop Smoking Naturally

There will be times when you will feel like quitting trying not to smoke, but it would be a brainer to tell yourself that you must wait for 10 more minutes and try doing something distracting till the time your craving fades away. Try hitting the market, or areas where smoking is prohibited, etc…

  1. Try to chew healthy:

When feeling intense urges, gift yourself something to eat that you love more than smoking. For example, surprise yourself with a bar of dark chocolate, chew some sugarless gum or hard candies, or munch on raw carrots, celery, nuts, or sunflower seeds — something that you think will satisfy your craving for tobacco smoking.

  1. Try not to have “just one”:

There are plenty of cases where people think that they will stop smoking after satisfying their tobacco craving. If you too think in a similar way, please stop fooling yourself, it is impossible to stop yourself once gifting one cigarette especially when you are in the phase of Quitting Smoking. This is because; one leads to another and another to too many. In the end, you will end up using tobacco again.

  1. Try some physical:

When your cravings become uncontrollable, giving a shot to physical activity makes sense, as it can help in keeping your craves at bay. Running up and down the stairs can easily make you forget your cigarette cravings. You can even try squats or can go for a walk or jog. If these things don’t excite you, try something like praying, woodwork, etc…

Always keep in your head, rather than doing nothing, giving a try to beat the urges is always better. So, don’t give up easily; try and fight your cravings.

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