Pain Management Clinic in Tacoma
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Pain is not fully understood but will try our best so that you can fight against this problem in your life. If you are not strong enough and ready to deal, then pain can change and even control your life forever.

It’s a state of physical, emotional, or mental uneasiness that ranges from mild discomfort or dull distress to acute, so you can imagine the impact of pain on your body. It’s not a limited health concern rather it leads to many other health problems. So you should know about pain for a bit of easiness in your life.

Pain is categorized into acute and chronic. The only difference between acute and Chronic Pain is the healing time. Acute pain is the short term pain that you feel when you cut your finger, sprain your ankle, or pull a muscle. With the right treatment and medication, it’s easy to heal acute pain within a day or a week.

On the other hand, chronic pain is long-term pain that lasts for a minimum of 3 months. It takes time to heal and your body begins to adjust to the persistent discomfort. As a result, chronic pain causes other health issues like insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

As chronic pain is a big struggle in the life of people, we have dedicated this post to the same.

How are the nervous system and chronic pain connected?

Pain Management Clinic in Tacoma
Pain Management Clinic in Tacoma

Whether it’s acute pain or chronic pain, the nervous system has to do a lot in it. It’s because the nervous system is the controlling centre when it comes to pain. The intensity of pain increases or decreases based on the cues sent by the nervous system’s pain signaling pathway. In acute pain, the transmission of cues is less or slow but it is quick or more for people suffering from chronic pain. So, you feel become more responsive and feel a higher level of pain.

How to know if the type of pain you are experiencing is chronic?

The indications for chronic pain:

What are the most common causes of chronic pain?

Usually, chronic pain begins as a result of damaged tissue, severe illness, or damaged nerve. It means your nervous system suffers a lot in chronic pain. Other than this, the causes of chronic pain are:

How to diagnose chronic pain?

With no specialization in the industry, you can only recognize your chronic pain. For confirmation and further treatment, you will have to undergo a full medical exam. The doctor at the Pain Management Clinic in Tacoma will take a detailed description of your pain’s origin along with the length and pattern of your pain. For a detailed study, the doctor run tests like X-rays, MRIs, or CAT scans.

How is chronic pain treated?

Based on the diagnosis, the doctor will provide a customized and balanced treatment plan because chronic pain is not the same for all. It’s unique to each person. The treatment plan advised by the Pain Management Clinic in Tacoma includes pain-relief medications, device implants, or regenerative implants.

Now you have very well understood chronic pain, so we hope it will be easy for you to handle the condition.

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