Our Approach

We use a variety of modalities in addition to hypnosis, including NLP techniques and Tapping techniques that have proven useful.

In many cases we will design daily affirmations to be written and repeated so that you may reprogram the mind over time to get the changes you want.

If you are like many people you have had a time when you made a consciousĀ  decision to change a habit but were unable to do so despite the intensity of your resolve.

That happens because your conscious mind does not control your environment your subconscious mind continues to run the existing program despite your conscious mind's will.

Writing daily affirmations and repeating them is just one way to help reprogram the mind to give you the things and habits you desire.

Looking forward to helping you and your loved ones


Doug Orchard


Doug Orchard

Studied under Connie and C. Michael Brannan completing the Hypnosis course on April 30th 2017

I host a meet up twice a month in Sumner Washington.


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